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Our Story

We've built a company focused on helping you make life's important decisions, so you can move forward confidently.

A New Kind of Help

Opes Advisors was founded on the philosophy that each person’s financial balance sheet can be “architected” over a period of time, by making important life decisions and smart investments. Wealth is about what matters to each of us individually; the accumulation of money to take care of concerns in the future – such as housing, retirement, children, grandchildren, and health.


Our vision originated from the realization that the typical focus on stocks and bonds alone does not address the challenges of longevity and allow clients to develop effective retirement strategies. Customarily, wealth professionals do not consider real estate financing at all, and only consider real estate assets in a general way.


With expertise in real estate, we built proprietary software that allows each client to see their Total Financial Picture – including ALL of their assets, including Real Estate (residential and commercial), Private Businesses, Loans, Stocks and Bonds – to design more effective financial strategies. Combined with our deep experience in investment management and wealth advice, we know of no other firm offering this value today.

Our Vision

At Opes Advisors we help clients make effective financial decisions to support their current lifestyle and prepare for a satisfying retirement including addressing the new challenge of longevity.

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Our Core Values


  • Take Individual Responsibility – Be Accountable and Reliable.
  • Build Mutually Satisfying Relationships.
  • Acknowledge and Appreciate Peoples’ Contributions.
  • Continuous Learning and Improving to Increase Value and Capability.

These are the pillars of our culture. We work these everyday because we believe it increases our individual and combined value – for the sake of our families, our clients, and our colleagues.