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Introducing OpesView™

Your financial future in the palm of your hand.

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Empowering home buyers to put analysis into action

OpesView is the next generation of financial decision modeling technology that allows you to take our financial analysis with you during the home shopping experience and see the outcome of real time adjustments on your mobile device.

Here’s how it works

  • Analyze. Meet with your Advisor for an affordability modeling session.
  • Shop. Use OpesView to see the financial impact of different buying scenarios on your family.
  • Confirm. Review your OpesView affordability and qualification with your Opes Advisor.
  • Buy. Purchase your house with confidence, knowing it’s the right decision for you.

If you have questions while you’re shopping, OpesView connects you with your Advisor or your Real Estate Agent with one touch.


Powered by Opes Advantage™

Since the original innovation of Opes Advantage software in 2008, we’ve helped thousands of clients analyze their real estate decisions to see what they can afford with their current lifestyle, as well as the impact on their financial future.


When combined with the advice of a Series 65-registered Advisor, our clients turn analysis into action with a conviction to act and peace of mind about their real estate decisions.

How Opes Advantage works for you

Why it’s important – now more than ever

Decisions to purchase real estate can completely alter our financial situation and have significant consequences for our future.

Choices around real estate are potentially the most damaging to our future. One hasty decision can produce years of unwanted circumstances. This is why planning at the time of buying or selling real estate is so critical. With our unique offer of mortgage + tech + advice, we can show you there’s much more to consider, in addition to rates and monthly payments.