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A unique advisory service focused on helping Real Estate Agents build personal wealth.

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Why Real Estate Agents have specific wealth management needs

You put all of your efforts into helping clients increase their net worth through property ownership. But who’s helping you build your personal wealth? At Opes Advisors, we understand that Real Estate Agents don’t fit into a cookie-cutter, check-box plan. With income that varies on a monthly and annual basis, unique expense tracking and tax considerations—plus a portfolio of assets typically focused on real estate and multiple career exit strategies—you have special concerns that require special expertise.

What makes AgentWealth different from other wealth management programs?

We believe that personal wealth seldom happens by accident—it’s built intentionally. Most professionals in the wealth management industry tend to focus on stocks & bonds, and/or retirement planning. We offer a more holistic approach that considers all of your assets and gives you the big picture, showing you how the choices you make today impact your goals tomorrow. Instead of handing you a fixed financial plan that sits in a file, AgentWealth offers a different and dynamic way to actively architect your financial future.

To learn more about how AgentWealth can help you build personal wealth, please contact me:

Erin Whalen
Office: 408.831.5809


Our proprietary technology reveals your financial future at a balance sheet level, based on current investments. And, we can run your personal balance sheet multiple times with “what if” scenarios to help you envision your investment decisions before you act. We revisit this planning on an annual basis (or more often, as needed) to help keep you on track.


A real estate-centric approach and deep expertise in mortgage/real estate financing allow us to offer a more balanced approach to your investments. With AgentWealth, it’s not about choosing between real estate or stocks & bonds—we integrate both for a smarter strategy.


We know you. With certified Wealth Advisors who speak your language, we can help you understand your investment options, while uncovering tax implications and other concerns specific to real estate agents.

What we do for real estate agents:

  • Integrate real estate holdings into your overall investment strategy.
  • Model your balance sheet over time, including real estate holdings, with a focus on cash flow and net worth in retirement.
  • Analyze performance and devise an overall strategy for your investment properties.
  • Assist in managing the balance between your business and lifestyle expenses in the variable income world of Realty.
  • Model the future implications of your major financial decisions; business related, real estate related, or otherwise.
  • Approaching retirement? We can help you design your succession planning strategy.
  • Do you have multiple retirement accounts? We see this often with Real Estate Agents and can develop a coherent plan to maximize them.
  • Include alternative investments in our portfolios—in many cases, real estate—in addition to stocks and bonds.

Experienced Advisors focused on your concerns.

Since 2007, our Wealth Advisors have been helping Real Estate Agents just like you navigate their financial roadmaps and manage their portfolio assets.


Another key advantage is our deep knowledge of—and integration with—mortgage services. We can help show you how refinancing, delayed financing, or other lending options for investment real estate make sense for your situation and improve your financial future.


AgentWealth is the culmination of this experience—combining the best of our proprietary technology, financial advisory services, portfolio management, and real estate/mortgage expertise to concentrate on your concerns.

For questions, please contact:

Erin Whalen
Office: 408.831.5809

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