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Your total financial picture - including real estate - for comprehensive longevity planning.

Our Integrated Approach

Get advice from experts who collaborate and work together to cover every aspect of your financial life.

No one person has the expertise to advise you on every aspect of your financial life. Opes Advisors was founded specifically to integrate wealth management, real estate expertise and deep knowledge in other crucial financial fields – into a single advice offering.

We offer an innovative approach to balance sheet planning and portfolio management which includes all of your assets and is powered by proprietary technology to model your financial future at critical points in life when smart decisions matter most.

What Makes Us different

Balance sheet planning

We construct a dynamic balance sheet so you see the outcome of your current trajectory, decades in advance. Run scenarios to model a “what if” balance sheet before big decisions.

Real estate focus and experience

We don’t view real estate as a competing asset class. It’s incorporated in our approach so we can help you prevent costly mistakes and allow you to plan more effectively for longevity.

Intelligent asset management

We design your investment strategy to align with our planning. We manage our clients' liquid assets (stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives) through a wide variety of investment vehicles.

How we conduct business

We conduct business with integrity and humanity, building deep relationships with our clients. We know you as a human being and never forget that the work we do together is incredibly impactful for you and your family. Some of our most memorable meetings happen on the bike trail. We don’t have any scripts.

To be effective in wealth management, we must truly know what matters to you.

Life Expectancy Graph

Why it’s important

Life spans are getting longer while simultaneously, traditional means of funding retirement are fading and medical costs are rising.

Many of us have done some mental math about longevity—if/when we’ll run out of money in retirement and have to sell our home.

Planning your balance sheet earlier and continually modeling big decisions that support your explicit goals improves your options for a happy retirement. The sooner you start, the more choices you’ll have later in life.