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Balance Sheet Planning

A different approach by analyzing net worth composition over a long time horizon

Your Total Financial Picture Over Time

Many Investment Managers provide their clients with a Balance Sheet. We know of none that provide Balance Sheet Planning.


Balance sheets show your total financial picture at a particular point in time. In contrast, Balance Sheet Planning is a matter of reviewing what’s there – the composition and structure of the balance sheet – against relevant time horizons for the sake of the financial future you envision.

A different kind of help

Proprietary software makes Balance Sheet Planning possible and gives you an unparalleled view into your financial future.

Net Worth Composition

No other financial planning software we know of separates income-generating capital at work, liquid assets, non-liquid assets and lifestyle assets at various, select moments in time.

Over Time Horizons

Our Balance Sheet Planning software shows your total financial picture over long time horizons - such as the next decade, and through retirement - for smarter planning actions.

At Life's Important Moments

Continually reviewing your Balance Sheet at various critical moments in life empowers you to make effective decisions toward your financial future.

Why our planning includes real estate

In order for you to make effective decisions that define your financial future, we incorporate your entire personal Balance Sheet including real estate (residential and commercial), private businesses, loans, stocks and bonds.

Our deep expertise in real estate and real estate financing factors in projected housing values, taxes, mortgages and other important details into our proprietary analysis, so you get a total financial picture.

When you consider all of your objectives and concerns at one time, in one place, you’re better equipped to understand the risks versus rewards, and the trade-offs you’re willing to make, to support the life you want now and in the future.

Life’s Financial Decisions


We all face numerous financial decision moments throughout our lives. Some are obvious and some are not obvious. At Opes, we work with our clients throughout all phases of life to help them design the most effective outcome of these decisions. Our financial decision roadmap shows a sampling of those financial decision moments.


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