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Portfolio & Investments

Our philosophy and approach to management of your assets

Our investment philosophy

  • Keep total fees low.
  • Manage risk in the portfolio.
  • Provide market-like returns over a long investment horizon.
  • Strive to provide value beyond a fully passive portfolio.

To achieve results, we follow the philosophy of 70/30 with equity investments, meaning our clients’ portfolios are built to be 70% passive investments and 30% active. The 70% cost-effectively achieves market-like returns. The 30% invested in active strategies (the “Opes Active” sleeve in our portfolio) represents the areas in which we hold conviction that we can outperform the passive benchmark.

The Opes Global Allocation Approach

Balancing risk and return, the Opes Portfolios are constructed for global asset allocation with a tilt in favor of U.S. assets.

Global Application Graphic

Additional Value Adds

Alternative Assets

Asset classes other than traditional stocks, bonds and cash.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments have been used by large and sophisticated institutional investors for many years, offering returns that are often not correlated to publicly traded stocks and bonds.

Alternative Strategies

Strategies that can hedge both stock and bond market risk/return profiles.


Placing the right type of asset in the appropriate type of account allows you to reap added tax benefits.

Tax Optimization

This strategy is referred to as location optimization and can yield an additional .25% to .5% of return each year in the form of tax savings. While that may not sound like much, over time these tax savings add up. Not applying the strategy of location optimization leaves real money on the table.